Five questions with… Helen Momota

Auckland-based artist Helen Momota talks to IheartNZ's Josie Stanford about her life and her work, how they intertwine and where her inspiration comes from. 1. Is your art your life's work Helen? I haven’t yet clarified what my life’s work is! I thought I’d found it as a psychologist, then as a teacher, a festival... Continue Reading →


Midwinter Magic at Piha

On a sunny midwinter day a couple of friends and I decided to head down to the black diamond-encrusted sands of Piha and walk from North Piha Beach over to White's Beach where Sir Edmund Hillary built a batch. The scenery was stunning, the day perfect and my friend even found a seahorse! A four-day... Continue Reading →

Guest post: Surviving the Kaituna

Words by Alexandra Sheehan Completely submerged underwater, my body being tossed around at the current’s whim, I felt strangely serene. My weightlessness carried me buoyantly through the water, ricocheting off the rocks and eventually spitting me out to the surface of the water. The Kaituna River feeds from New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty near Tauranga... Continue Reading →

Hiking the Banks Peninsula Track

“We’re in no hurry. There’s definitely no hurry,” is the mantra on our first morning from the man of our party, keen to de-stress from his busy job. I’m hiking the four-day Banks Peninsula Track, a 35-kilometre private track across the hills surrounding the long sheltered stretch of water that is Akaroa harbour, born from... Continue Reading →

Waitangi Day Photos

Photos by Josie Stanford taken at Waitangi 2010 This was a really special Waitangi Day I'll always remember. I was lucky enough to be on board my friend's yacht sailing just off the beach with a brilliant view of the wakas in action. Later walked up to Waitangi to enjoy all the events of the day. The... Continue Reading →

Pahi Regatta Photo Essay

Words and pictures by Josie Stanford Bathtub races Kayak classes The big day out Evening celebrations IHEARTSTORIES.CO.NZ The 126th Annual Pahi Regatta is on Auckland Anniversay Weekend.

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