NZ Film

Boy Directed by Taika Waititi. Starring James Rolleston, Te Aho Aho Eketone-Whitu and Taika Waititi.
It’s 1984 on the rural East Coast of New Zealand and Boy is a dreamer who loves Michael Jackson’s Thriller and lives with his brother Rocky, a tribe of deserted cousins and his Nan. Boy’s hero is his absent father Alamein who he imagines as a deep sea diver, war hero or a close relation of Michael Jackson. In reality Alamein is in the clink. When he gets out and returns home after seven years away, Boy is at first delighted and then bemused by the man he thought he remembered. When it’s clear Alamein is not father material, Boy learns to support himself and let go of the hero he had been hoping for. A hysterical coming of age story that is very Kiwi in its quirkiness. By Josie Stanford

Love Story Directed by Florian Habicht. Starring Shauna Goodgold, Florian Habicht and Masha Yakovenko.
When Auckland film-maker Florian Habicht took an arts residency in New York he was under no obligation to make anything but make something he did, pushing the bounds of creativity and blurring the lines of documentary, fiction, film and autobiography. With the help of a hotchpotch of lovable New York citizens, Habict has created a quirky and truly original romantic comedy. Based around the storyline of a chance subway encounter with a mysterious and beautiful woman holding a slice of cake, Habicht begins to interview strangers about what he has seen. When he tracks down the girl, he casts her to play opposite him as the romantic lead in a love story he is making. There are some brave, awkward and almost disastrous scenes which he then shares with passers-by on the streets of New York gradually developing the plot in a random manner with their input. In this charming film, Habicht strays from the traditional documentary style mixing it with film-making and adding sentimental snippets with his dad on skype. Building on the success of Land of the Long White Cloud and Kaikohe Demolition, this is a triumph. By Josie Stanford

Goodbye Pork Pie 1981 Kiwi classic.
Clip from film. Review to come.

In My Father’s Den Written and directed by Brad McGann. 2004.
Trailer. Review to come.

The Piano Directed by Jane Campion.
Trailer. Review to come.

Whale Rider Directed by Niki Caro (2003)
Official trailer. Based on the novel by Maori writer Witi Ihimaera, Whale Rider is now a New Zealand classic and is credited with launching the career of its child-star Keisha Castle-Hughes. Full review to come.

New Zealand documentaries

Sam Hunt: Purple Balloon and Other Stories Directed by Tim Rose. Starring Sam Hunt, James K Baxter, Denis Glover and Gary McCormick.
Directed by Tim Rose and produced by Jim Scott, this lovingly made documentary charts the 40 years that Sam Hunt has been a flamboyant, large-as-life part of Kiwi lives. While Tim Rose is a long-term friend of the poet, Jim Scott got to know Sam through the making of the film. “You realise why he is this iconic New Zealand character,” says Jim who wasn’t much into poetry until the making of the film. “He’s entertaining, he’s funny, he’s great. Even if he’s drunk.”
Although it’s warts-and-all, this is an overall endearing account of the life of a people’s poet, covering his childhood, family life and discovery of poetry. Sam’s personal stories are interwoven with archive footage of early performances and interviews with friends and family to create a well-rounded impression of the man and his work. By Josie Stanford

Kaikohe Demolition Directed by Florian Habicht.
Clips from the film. Review to come.

This Way of Life
Trailer. Review to come.

Gardening with Soul
Official trailer. Review to come.


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