Watch this… This Town

I absolutely loved This Town on TV One (Saturday, 7.30pm). Boy, would I like to be a researcher on the next series of that show. This Town highlights real New Zealanders and their lives all over the country, really putting the spotlight on ‘people and place’ which is my theme for this blog too and explains why it resonates. From pie maker to children’s book author to astronomer to community worker and everyone in between. Real people talking about why they do what they do, why they live where they live and how they interact with their community. Actually the sense of community really is a common thread throughout the show – it’s lovely to see and to aspire to.


Lots of inspiration here for this blogazine. The benefit we have on the online platform is that each interview or piece of writing is here ongoing – someone can find it years after it’s been posted. Thankfully these days TV also stays around a little longer than it used to. Series 2 of this show is still available on demand.
Watch Series 2 on demand here


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